I am the Brand

I was recently waxing poetically about the importance of developing one’s “personal brand” online.

In this day of easy online searches, it’s critical for people to completely own their own PR channels. These channels can help define who we are and to help others identify with and understand the human at the center of that brand. This is important in a variety of scenarios including professional networking, job searches, and stalking “personal research”.

I realized through explaining this that my own personal branding has been horribly inadequate. Prior to now, the NateDomin.com website was static and only pointed to profiles in other places.  It did not offer any introduction to who I am as a person.

Sure, profiles owned by the Mega-Corporations are fine, if you’re into that sort of thing.  I’m just tired of limiting my persona development to the walled gardens that they give us. Corporations have already figured out how to creepily glean all sorts of information about us (location, shopping habits, bathroom schedules). Do they really need our public identities too?

There has to be more to a person than the services he or she uses.

I am a human. I have ideas.  Most of these ideas are kinda boring but! some of these ideas are pretty good.  I should be able to use more than 140 characters to convey them.

So Dear Reader, I am officially relaunching this website.  It is my attempt to start communicating who I am. I owe it to my Self.