About Nate

Nate DominHello there!  I am Nate Domin, a coffee-loving software engineer, husband, and dad from Melbourne Beach, FL.

I write software that empowers teams to better utilize their custom electronics.

You might know me from… I’m not entirely sure how you might know me.

In my day jobs, I craft “software solutions” for electronics, PC’s, and servers. With many years of customer success-stories, there isn’t much I haven’t experienced or run across. — These days, I work mostly in C and Python but have successfully demonstrated skills in a variety of areas including VHDL, C++, Java, and Perl.

You may also know me from the time you went to the grocery store and saw the guy juggling a couple pints of ice cream and a case of beer. … Yea, that was me. Why didn’t you help?

In either case, I welcome you here and welcome you to make contact if you think I could help you or your team.